Laboratory of Geoinformatics

The Laboratory of Geoinformatics aims to provide the knowledge leading to the understanding of the geo-environment and in recognizing the contribution of natural phenomena and human effects in the geo-environment modulation. The data collection, processing and presentation of the geo-information lead to data management and dissemination and to interdisciplinary promotion.

The research disciplines of the Laboratory of Geoinformatics are: Geographical Systems Information, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Land Use and Management, Natural Disasters Management, Geography, Network Cartography, Geoenvironmental and Natural Resources Monitoring and Protection, Data Management through GIS and Land Use Information Systems, Spatial Planning-Development databases, Production and dissemination of Thematic maps, (geological, land use maps, geomorphological and geophysical maps, e.t.c), Production utilization and dissemination of digital orthophotos (ortho-images), Digital Terrain Modeling (D.T.M), Spatial Distribution, Monitoring of geo-environmental phenomena, applications of GIS in environmental impact studies, e.t.c.