OSIS v3.0 __Stable__

Welcome to the Online Seismic Intensity Questionnaire created by the Laboratory of Geophysics & Seismology of T.E.I. of Crete


In this area you can choose to fill anonymously a questionnaire referring to an earthquake you felt. The only personal information required is your address and floor level you were when the earthquake occurred. At the end of the questionnaire you can fill your e-mail address if you want. We will get in contact with you if we need any additional information.


The questionnaire is parted in two sections. In the first section you enter information regarding the essence you got during the earthquake and the way you acted, along with the event occurring around you. At the second section the questions involve the building you were into at the time of shaking.


Filling the questionnaire should be done in a sincere and spontaneous manner. You don’t need to think too much your answer, mark the one that is closer to what you felt or observed at the moment of the earthquake.


Thank you very much for your participation!


Please pick an earthquake from the drop-down menu that you would like to fill the questionnaire (the event time is in UTC, -2 hours from local time during winter, -3 hours from local time during summer).