The Geophysics and Seismology Laboratory (GSL) of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete fulfills theoretical and applied aspects in the fields of Seismology, Physics Earth’s Interior and Applied Geophysics. The Laboratory is in bidirectional collaboration with the Laboratory of Measurements and Instrumentation of the Department of Electronics of T.E.I Crete and with the Division of Natural Resources and Natural Disasters of the Center for Technological Research of Crete.

In particular, the scientific research focuses on a multidisciplinary study involving: earthquake disaster, seismotectonics, earthquake precursors, seismic space-time evaluation and management of seismic hazards, microzonation studies, earthquake sequences studies, deformation and structure of the crust and upper mantle of the Earth, mathematical simulation of fluids, physics of the geomaterial, paleomagnetisms and the study of Earth’s interior based on geophysical methodologies prospecting (gravimetric, magnetic, seismic, electric, electromagnetic, radiometric and magnetotelluric). Research emphasis is driven in the direction of the determination of the structure of uppermost layers due the imposed financial, environmental and archaeological (archaeometry) interest.

In the direction of resolving a variety of research aspects, the research team of the Laboratory of Geophysics and Seismology and the collaborative laboratories of TEI (referred as RT-GSL-TEICR) has installed and operated an advanced real time Telemetric Seismological Network in the frontal part of the Hellenic arc and operational stations of seismo-electromagnetic perturbations. The Laboratory of Geophysics and Seismology has been ceaselessly contributing since the end of 90th century in the field of Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interior while material and human resources investment have lead to the acquisition of the necessary instrumentation and software upgrade and development.

The research team of GSL is comprised of researchers with extensive expertise in the aforementioned fields of study. The accumulated experience and knowledge is expanded through participation in the frame of National Research (e.g ΠΕΝΕΔ) and international European Research Programmes (e.g EPOCH, ENVIRONMENT, e.t.c) in collaboration with National and European Universities and Research Institutes.

In the frame of the scientific research of the aforementioned disciplines the RT-GSL-TEICR is in a consistent co-operation with the research teams of Greece and Mediterranean countries (with emphasis to Italy) as well as with United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, U.S.A and other countries. Moreover, the current co-operation of the RT-GSL-TEICR with the Direction of Natural Disasters of UNESCO is remarkable.